A Quick One – Thickson Road

I was out and about on September 3rd and came across a fairly long consist moving slowly, westbound, along the Kingston Sub in Whitby.  It was peculiar to me, as they are usually moving quite fast through that stretch.  I was behind enough traffic to see it come to a stop, then start to move back towards the east.  I assume they were picking up or dropping off some auto carriers for the GM plant in Oshawa.  A fortunate turn of events, because it gave me a chance to catch it approaching and crossing the bridge at Thickson Road.


The consist was being powered by CN 2678, a Dash-9 and CN 5538, an SD60F.



Extra shiny numbering on the SD60F.


The happy couple, crossing the bridge.


At that point, I had to move on, but they were still working away when I passed by about half an hour later.  I can’t imagine it was too comfortable in the cab, as the humidity was quite high that afternoon.  Hopefully they were able to take off and get some cross breeze through the windows once they were done!

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  1. Eric Gagnon says:

    For sure that train was switching Oshawa yard, Adam. (Quite a bit slower than the TGV, of course!) Those PD covered hoppers on the head end were likely lifted at Belleville, probably loaded at Bath Lafarge just west of here, and likely a cut out of Oshawa would be added ahead of them.
    Thanks for sharing,

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