A Quick One – Kellino Street Meet

I was out and about with my daughter on March 29th and I decided to stop by Kellino Street for some potential train watching.  The spot there is good because there’s some ground off the side of the road where she can muck around and be safe from any passing cars, not there are a lot of them on this stretch of road.  We hung out for a few minutes when I heard on the scanner that something was approaching Liverpool.  Given the timing, it would seem like it was heading east, but I couldn’t be sure.  A few minutes later, they were clear to slow at Pickering Junction.  Sure enough, given that we were just east of there, something came rumbling along at a relatively slow pace.  Led by CN 8944 and IC 1025, this was a pretty large freight heading eastbound.


In the midst of this, not one but two GO trains passed in behind.  I tried to find one that showed the other trains – you can sort of see the Metrolinx repainted 607 through the wall of freight cars.



There was also some DPU action in the form of CN 8819.


With this, we went on our way!

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2 Responses to A Quick One – Kellino Street Meet

  1. Eric Gagnon says:

    Good to see you’re getting out in the spring (well until this morning’s winter) weather, Adam! We used to call it ‘nature study’ in between trains, although nature hasn’t fully awakened just yet. Creative shot of the new GO Metrolinx scheme…stealth behind the freight.

  2. Greg says:

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