A Quick One – Father’s Day

To celebrate Father’s Day with my own father, we went out for lunch and saw Star Trek Into Darkness.  Before this, I went to the Hopkins Street bridge in Whitby, given that it’s across the highway from the movie theatre and the restaurant.

As per my usual, here’s the eastbound view from where I was.


And the westbound.  The pile of dirt to the right is the future home of the GO eastern maintenance facility. 


First up, our friend GO 627 coming eastbound for the last station stop on the Lakeshore East line at Oshawa.


Shortly after, I heard that a westbound VIA would be stopping at Oshawa.  I had a bit of time, so I waited for it to come by.  Here’s the approach to the bridge.


And the parting shot as it accelerated to 90 MPH through the detector just to the east.  The signals are at South Blair Street, where I shot here and here.


I’m hoping to get here another couple of times before they close the road and tear down the bridge as part of the maintenance facility bridge.  It’s a pretty cool spot and a lot of neat photos have been taken here, like this one and this one.

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  1. Eric Gagnon says:

    Hi Adam,

    Nice views. I certainly keep my eyes open when passing by on VIA at that point. There’s the west end of CN’s Oshawa yard, the Lasco (Gerdau) plant, and now progress on the GO facility. Steve Host captured the new GO scheme at the same spot:
    Also the future prospect of the line east from Oshawa on the CP!

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