A Quick One – Longford Mills

My wife and I went up the Casino Rama to see Chicago (the band).  The following morning, we went up Rama Road to visit Longford Mills, the southern end of the northern section of the Newmarket subdivision, also known as the Newmarket spur.  This is where 595 out of Huntsville comes at least once a week to pick up and drop off tanker cars.


This is at 93.76 of the Newmarket spur.  Here’s the view to the south.  In previous times, this would have seen the Canadian, as well as the Northlander coming through.


And to the north.  My dirty car is off to the left.


A CN box sits off the siding.  Note the precariously balanced can of spray paint.  Not sure how that’s staying in place so well.


We continued north to Washago, but nothing came through during our time there, so we got onto Highway 11 south and headed home.  It was a great concert and a nice jaunt through some railroading country!

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  1. Steve Boyko says:

    I’m glad you enjoyed the concert! I saw Chicago in concert way back in the 80s right after Peter Cetera left.

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