A Quick One – Back On The Horse

Hey gang.

I once read somewhere that you aren’t supposed to mention a gap between posts on a blog, that it draws attention to the fact that you haven’t posted.  As if someone couldn’t compare the dates of the posts and see that its been a while since the last one went up.

Anyway, here’s something I did today to tide everyone over while I go back into the photos I’ve taken over the past few months and create coherent narratives around them.

I was driving around today, running some errands with my daughter and decided to turn on the scanner.  I heard nothing for a while, then something interesting: train 369, led by CN 2317. was going to stop at Oshawa to pick up a unit (CN 7046) to take to Mac yard.  Intrigued, we drove around the Whitby/Oshawa area, near Wentworth Yard where the units live that serve the local industries in Oshawa, Whitby, Pickering and east Scarborough.

Its hard to find a different spot around there and will become harder to shoot that area once the new GO maintenance facility is completed, so South Blair Street it was again!  I waited, impatiently, for them to come.  I had to walk up and down the road between where I parked and the crossing with my daughter on my shoulders as she was rather fussy.  They had some trouble hooking it into place behind the lead engine, which caused a delay in them getting moving.  Finally, I saw them come around the corner from the east and got back to my car and ready to shoot.



And the money, both units in plain sight.


You can see the air hose running down the side of the engine; this was the problem they had getting going.  I guess sometimes you just have to get things done!  Here’s a closer look.


The CN GP9 fleet continues to do its grunt work, serving those local industries that still use rail.  In this case, this unit would also be working the GM yard in Oshawa, so not only small businesses.  The train also featured some heavy DPU in the form of CN 8821.


It was a beautiful day to shoot and a beautiful day to start posting again!

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3 Responses to A Quick One – Back On The Horse

  1. Steve Boyko says:

    Welcome back! I haven’t been posting as much recently either… too busy. Great catch and I love the air hose they strung along the side. Looks like a great day for taking photos.

  2. Eric Gagnon says:

    Back in black with 7046, Adam. That jury-rigged trainline reminds me of LRC coach 3300 at Kingston in 1997 in this post:

    The GO facility is rising from that field, with the largest pile of fill I’ve ever seen – well at least since the super-hospital at Glen Yard’s former site in Montreal, visible from VIA and AMT respectively.
    Post when you can; thanks for sharing,

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