Whitby Model Train Show 2012

A relatively quick one on the Whitby Model Train Show from November 17th.  Many of the usual suspects were present (Belleville, Ganaraska, Miner Junction, etc.), so here are a few I hadn’t seen before.


The Erin Mills N scale setup was very good, lots of detail and interesting components.  I’m fascinated by how much you can do with very little space when it comes to N scale, but also by how dynamic it can be when used on a big layout.  Obviously, I still love my HO, but look at the track work here…


And here…


and here…


I’m looking forward to maybe seeing them again at shows in the future!  But N scale wasn’t the smallest at this show – for the first time here on The Walker Express, observe the awesome power of Z scale!


Okay, maybe not.  But it was very small and neat to see up close.  For those looking for time period accuracy, look no further than the Pickering club’s N scale layout. featuring your standard, common place T-Rex!  Watch out GO commuters!


The neatest thing for me was the N Scale work of Jerry Randall and his Ontario Northland collection:



This guy has got some serious talent and dedication and I was very pleased to make his acquaintance.  I opted not to try and shoot close-ups of each of his pieces, because he’s already done a superb job of doing so on his own website.  Hopefully there will be more for him to model in the future!

With that, I was just about finished.  I don’t think there are any more shows I’ll be going to until February when Ganaraska is on out in Port Hope.  Until then, maybe I’ll spend a bit more quality time down in the basement and get some actual work done on my own layout.  New Falkenburg, here I come!

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4 Responses to Whitby Model Train Show 2012

  1. Eric Gagnon says:

    Hi Adam,

    Looks like a good show. Thanks for sharing your visit, and all I can say about the ONR Jerry Randall display is…WOW. I like the self-contained display, complete with ball caps on the corners for clumsy show attendees like me. If I saw that display in person, I would be very likely to fall over. WOW again. I intend to include a link to Jerry’s website in an upcoming Trackside Treasure post.

    While I don’t get to a lot of train shows, I am considering setting up a VIA book display table at the Kingston show in the spring. Your post certainly reminded me why we like train shows…never know what you’re going to find!

  2. William Self says:

    That Ontario Northland collection is pretty sweet! Wow!

  3. Cindy Randall says:

    Hi Adam! Thanks for showing my models on your website. Your pictures look amazing! Cheers….Jerry Randall

    • Adam Walker says:

      Thanks for stopping by Jerry and thanks for taking the time to talk to me at the Whitby show. As you can see from the other comments, you collection is widely admired and I’m glad to give it some more publicity, as your hard work on the models truly deserves it.

      All the best for 2013,

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