Rail Links – March 19

Some links from at home and abroad…

Daley heads to China, still pitching O’Hare high-speed train

An article on an effort to directly link O’Hare with The Loop area in Chicago.  Having been there, I’d say their transit system is first rate.  The options, between the subway and the commuter rail, for getting around are light years ahead of most cities in North America.  When I was there last summer, my wife and I flew into Midway, which is on the Orange line.  The trip was a little long, but was great.  However, having taken the Blue line almost all the way our to O’Hare (in search for model trains), I can say that a faster way wouldn’t be out of line.  Let’s see if this one has any legs.

Metrolinx Board of Directors approves purchase of vehicles for Air Rail Link

This one is a little older, but still of interest.  With the failure of SNC-Lavalin to develop an effective link between Lester B. Pearson Airport and Union Station in Toronto, Metrolinx stepped in and took over the process.  I think they’ve done a good job at it, so far.  A bit of research shows that Sumitomo Corp works with Nippon Sharyo as its vendor for rolling stock.  I guess we’ll be seeing more Japanese style trains along the ARL corridor.

Designing The High Speed Future

A good piece on the need to integrate rail stations within the existing city structures, with a focus on Europe at present and the US in the future.

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