Level Crossings I’ve Known… – Mile 177.49, CP Belleville Sub


After going to the Whitby Model Train show, I went down Hopkins Street to the level crossing at the old Ralston Purina factory.  I’ve crossed this more times than I can count, back to when I was a very young kid driving around with my parents.  This crossing is at the marker board for Whitby on the CP Belleville sub.  The board is just west of the crossing.


Obeying the sign, all shots are taken from the street with a zoom lens – I don’t (usually) trespass.  Anyway, there is a siding from just west of here to just east of Brock Street.  My wife told me there were some old maroon CP cars on this siding, right on the bridge at Brock Street on the Thursday.  They were unfortunately gone by the time I got out to Whitby on Saturday the 17th.  Here’s the view to the east, towards the spur to the GM plant. 


There was a fair amount of traffic as I stood shooting, so I stopped and got back in the car.  Another level crossing successfully catalogued!

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