Level Crossings I’ve Known… – Nephton Sub – Mile 14.69


During the week of Labour Day, my wife and I took our daughter up to a cottage on Buckhorn Lake.  While out seeing the Petroglyphs Park (which I recommend everyone taking the time to visit), I took us up to a crossing of the Nephton subdivision of the Kawartha Lakes Railway.  This is an operating division of CP that handles the traffic on the Nepthon and Havelock subdivisions.  There isn’t much on this line any more, as I mentioned in my post after visiting Havelock last October, but one of the main reasons its still around is Unimin and the nepheline syenite deposits in the open-pit mine near the ghost town of Nephton. 

In any event, I found the closest crossing to the Petroglyphs park and pulled over and grabbed some shots.  At the top of the post is the cross buck and mileage.  Here is the view to the south…


and the view to the north, curving off towards the mines


As you can see, the track is in pretty rough shape.  Part of the Shining Waters Railway project is to rehabilitate all of the track that “belongs” to the KLR and bring it up to a higher FRA standard.  Whether this ever happens or not is still up in the air, but for now, we have images of rail that can probably handle 10 to 15 MPH at the most.  Fortunately, its still there and still active which, in this time of rail abandonment and government apathy to rail projects, is a fortunate thing.

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4 Responses to Level Crossings I’ve Known… – Nephton Sub – Mile 14.69

  1. Eric Gagnon says:

    Thanks for this post, Adam. A pastoral location that a track upgrade would surely help. We were in Havelock at the Jamboree a few years ago when our son was young, and of course we stopped by the station. Nothing moving in the yard, but an interesting assortment of CP and predecessor rolling stock in the yard. I’ll have to dig ’em out!


  2. William Self says:

    Hopefully they reactivate this line. Seems to make sense to me that a rail link between Peterborough and Toronto would be of value, especially given that a good number of people already make this a daily commute by either car or bus.

  3. Jim R says:

    Shine on the rails, so they ain’t dead yet.

  4. Robert Stellings says:

    Note : the white powder visible on the tracks is nepheline syenite from the local mine. Althou the government and the mine staff will tell you it is safe to breath some dogs and other animals who have breathed it in have experienced breathing problems. Carefully remove any accumulations of this white powder from shoes and clothing after exposure.

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