A Quick One – A Sunday Northlander

I was at work on September 16th and brought my camera with me to catch a southbound Northlander.  I went out earlier than the usual time, but didn’t mind waiting for it.  As she approached my usual viewing point, south of the siding at Oriole, I got a bit of an arty shot of the signal with the engine in the distance.


I couldn’t quite tell from that distance, but as it rolled closer, I saw that it was 1809.


And the money shot as she passes by the signal, the south entrance to the siding and the remains of the CN Leaside spur.


Not to get too morose, but it’s a real shame we probably won’t see any more engines with this paint scheme on it.  Anyway, it was a great evening for shooting and I was glad to get another shot of this great train.

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