Plug Hat Choice Cuts

As I mentioned in my post on the Skrillex train, I caught a fair amount of non-passenger action that day at Plug Hat Road.  So, here are some choice cuts from that morning, presented with limited commentary.  First up, CN 2700 leads a mixed freight westbound towards Mac Yard at 7:30am.  I saw this one off Highway 401 en route to Plug Hat Road, so it was moving pretty slowly.


There was limited CP action that morning, so I only caught one consist going through, at 7:55am.  Here are the lead engines, CEFX 1018 and CP 9677.  I previously saw 9677 at Lovekin.


At 8:39am, CN 2259 pulled a mixed freight eastbound.  I previously saw 2259 at Port Hope last October.


With CN 2536 providing DPU in the middle.  I previously caught 2536 at Ravenshoe Road in April, on the consist also seen by Steve Boyko.


Of note, this train was pulling a very large order of coal cars, apparently headed for Quebec.  They were shot en route to the North Shore on the 25th of July, as seen here.


At 9:10am, a three engine lash-up of CN 5636, CN 2598 and CN 5739 pulled a container train westbound, headed again for Mac Yard.


And finally, at 9:45am, CN 5735 and CN 5677 pull an eastbound container train.  At this point, the Skrillex train was waiting in the siding just to the south east and the engineers had a chat about why a VIA was coming up the York sub.


Plenty to see that day!

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4 Responses to Plug Hat Choice Cuts

  1. Steve Boyko says:

    Great shots, Adam! I like 2259 and 5735 the best but they are all good.

    One small quibble, 2700 is actually IC 2700. There is a small IC on the side of the cab.

    • Adam Walker says:

      Thanks Steve! The south-east running trains get the best light that time of day, it seems.
      Yes, I realized that after I posted it. I guess if people still refer to the BC Rail engines as such, the Illinois Central deserves the same!


  2. Eric Gagnon says:

    Your signature spot, Adam. I’m still struck by the model railroad-like setting, especially with that cut of ‘freshly-decalled’ open hoppers. Thanks for sharing,

    • Adam Walker says:

      Hi Eric,
      It’s a great spot and some great moments have been had there by me. Thanks for your comments.


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