Great Day! (part two)

As I headed east on Victoria, passing the abandoned motorcycle dealership, I saw a slow moving freight coming west at a very slow pace.  I made a U-turn as soon as it was safe (safety first!) and headed back to South Blair Street.  Sure enough, as the small eastbound freight rolled out of sight towards Oshawa, an intermodal was coming along the track.  I pulled over on the north side of the tracks, farthest away from where the train actually was, but the only safe spot to do so.


It was already on the siding, which connects to one of the spurs that runs down into the GM plant in south east Oshawa.  Keeping an ear on the scanner led me to believe that it was going to pick up a large quantity of auto racks, so they were going to go past the switch for the yard then back in.  As they drew closer, I could identify the engines as CN 8824, an SD70M-2 and CN 2659, a Dash-9.




They continued down the tracks, slowly creeping along until the rear of the train was clear of the switch to the east.  They had to go a fair distance west to do so, as you can see here.


At this point, they had been blocking the level crossing for some time.  While most people took it in stride or just turned around, one woman became very irate and started to yell at me from her car, as if it was my fault the train was there!  Anyway, they backed down into the yard and stopped just clear of the crossing, letting the cars go by.  As you can see, they were pretty close to the edge of the road.


At this time, the westbound GO came by, so I shot it too.


When it cleared, I crossed to the south side.  There was an engineer up in the cab who obviously noticed I was there.  I positioned myself in front of the engine to shoot it straight on and he obliged me in turning on the lights.


Just after that, he left the cab for a smoke and I talked to him for a few minutes, from a distance.  He implied that the train master was a bit of a jerk and that I should stay clear of the tracks as he was going to show up soon to get the train going out of the siding and on to the main (and off to Mac Yard, I expect). I took the opportunity to then shoot it from the south side of the tracks.


Finally, they geared up to go.  I crossed back to the north side of the tracks and watched.  I took some video, which I may try to post at some point, but its not on tripod so its kind of shaky which isn’t very fun to watch.  Here’s an interesting thing: a BNSF labelled container car.  I hadn’t seen (or noticed, I guess) one like that before.


With that, I got in my car and went about the rest of my business.  I stopped at one of our local Beer Stores for their charity BBQ and entered the raffle.  And, lo and behold, I won something!  I ended the day at work, where I took a few minutes to catch ONR 1809, which I already posted here.  Great day!

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  1. Wayne Shaw says:

    I’ve had morons yell at me from cars also while taking pictures at crossings. It happens more often than you’d imagine, so it’s not just the odd dumb-ass here and there. It also happens more the closer to Toronto I get. I’m sure there’s a good reason for that but I don’t know what it is (and it’s not just a higher chance due to the higher population density, I’ve never had it happen while in Hamilton)!

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