Great Day! (part one)

I got a chance to get out on May 27th and spend some quality time near the rails.  While I was considering going into the city or perhaps to the north of it, I decided that I would go out to Whitby and check out South Blair Street again.  The timing was right that I might catch a few VIA and GO before moving on to something else.  Little did I know how much I would see!

After I arrived and got myself established, I heard an eastbound VIA calling a CN foreman as they were approaching his limits.  This would prove to be a very useful thing, as it warned me of all the incoming traffic that afternoon.  It was a stainless steel consist, led by VIA 908.


With a surprise of VIA 911 on the tail!


So that was a pretty good start.  I stood around some more, taking in the beautiful day.  Things were still for a little while and I heard a rustling from my right.  Suddenly, a deer jumped out of the bushes from the far side of the GO subdivision and wandered across the tracks.


Before going into the bushes to the south, he stopped to take a look at me.


A few minutes after that, an eastbound GO passed through having just departed the Whitby station.  It was led by GO 655…


with cab car GO 217 on the tail.


A few minutes after that, another VIA came through heading westbound and led by VIA 6413…


And tailed by its numerological partner, VIA 6431.


At this point I was pretty happy and was just about ready to leave, but I stuck around for a few more minutes.  I was glad I did, because out of nowhere I saw this…


A small consist rolling slowly towards me from the west, what I believe is CN 570, with three locomotives and between 15 and 20 cars.  As it approached, I could see that it was led by some old timers starting with CN 4710, a GP-38 and followed by…


CN 4710, a GP-9RM…


and CN 4784, a GP-38W.


It trundled slowly past me, pulling a collection of random freight cars.




At this point I was sure it wasn’t going to get any better: VIA, GO and a CN local?  So I got in my car and left the scene.  But just as I passed through the level crossing, I thought I saw something coming west. 

In the next part of this great day, I find myself back at South Blair Street and in an interesting situation!  Until then, thanks for reading! 

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4 Responses to Great Day! (part one)

  1. Steve Boyko says:

    It definitely looks like a great day for photography! Well done and good catch on the deer as well as all the interesting trains.

  2. Eric Gagnon says:

    Obviously a railfanning spot that’s ‘deer’ to you, Adam. Enjoyed that three-unit wayfreight.

    I’d like to borrow your photo of the eastbound two-P42 train for my blog header with appropriate credit for a little while, if that sounds OK. I note that on that train there is an ex-Canadian baggage car.

    Thanks for sharing,

  3. William Self says:

    Great day indeed, but sighting that deer was the icing on the cake for sure!

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