Catching Up…

I return!  In case you haven’t been following me on Twitter (and why not?), I’ve been busy with my new daughter.  In keeping with the theme of my blog, that is to say that I’ll post almost whatever I damn well please, here’s a picture of her!


Since last I wrote, I have caught a few things while going about my daily business. As you would expect, I haven’t had much time to get out and shoot so I have to get my train time in whenever I can.

The “summer sized” Canadian has started and so when it passes southbound through Oriole, it takes the main and the Northlander takes the siding.  Here’s a shot of a Canadian from May 22nd.


6441 and 6457 led that day, with Yoho Park bringing up the rear.  I previously caught 6457 in December.  After my encounter with the fellows underneath the York Mills bridge, I have done a bit more lurking around that area.  There is fencing everywhere, of course, but there is a small path and no fence in the bushes on the east side.  I went down there on May 24th to watch the Northlander go by and managed to catch a Canadian too!


An interesting new perspective and one I’d like to try and catch with my real camera, as this was just shot with my phone.  Still not too bad considering it was taken in haste and with the train moving at a little less than track speed.  6411 and 6442 were leading that day, with Assiniboine Park bringing up the rear.  I previously caught 6411 in late January.

Other encounters of note:  I was downtown on May 17th and saw that Amtrak 134 was leading the New York-bound Maple Leaf.  Those interested in New York rails can check out these posts on my trip there in February.  I also saw 1804 pull the Northlander into Union Station that morning.  I don’t have any photos of 1804 and it would be nice to get some at some point soon.  I’m hoping to squeeze a little bit more train time in now that she’s a little bit older, but the content will slow down slightly as I get bursts of time to shoot followed by some droughts. 

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4 Responses to Catching Up…

  1. Eric Gagnon says:

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for catching us up on trains and the rest of your life. My wife says your daughter looks like she’s filling out well (and no, I didn’t show her any of the train pictures, just the baby photo) so you new parents must be doing a good job.

    Work continues apace on my second book, and I’m also keeping an ear on the ramifications of the CP strike.

    I found your Twitter page, after finding both an orange-shirt-buying Adam Walker and a golf-playing Adam Walker.


  2. Steve Boyko says:

    She’s adorable!

    You did a fine job with your phone camera. My Blackberry does OK as long as the target isn’t moving too much. My wife’s iPhone takes great still photos but again not so great on the moving targets.

  3. William Self says:

    Congrats on the cutie! I bet you are looking forward to bringing her along with you to the model train shows.

    I agree with Steve – pretty nice shots coming from a phone camera!

  4. Adam Walker says:

    Thanks for the comments guys! My various phone’s have provided some pretty good photos in the past and the current one continues to impress, especially with the one of 6411.

    I know some of us aren’t on Twitter and I was mostly being facetious, but thanks for checking me out!


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