Level Crossings I’ve Known And Loved – Mile 172.51, Havelock Sub



As part of my adventure on April 9th, I shot the level crossing at mile 172.51 of the CP Havelock sub at the York-Durham Line just north of Highway 7. Here is the view to the east, towards Peterborough and Havelock.  The track conditions are not great, with many parts of this line limited to 10MPH.


And the view to the west, towards Toronto.


The telephone poles along the side of the track have clearly seen better days.  Perhaps there is hope for this line though; there is an effort to rehabilitate the track, increase freight and return passenger service.  It’s moving very slowly, but you can read about it here.

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2 Responses to Level Crossings I’ve Known And Loved – Mile 172.51, Havelock Sub

  1. William Self says:

    My grandad used to live close to this line in Glen Major on Sideline 4 (Uxbridge but on the Pickering border). Quite often we’d sit in his car parked where these tracks would intersect with his gravel road and wait for the trains to roll by.

    In fact, there used to be a tiny wooden station at this crossing – Glen Major Station. I believe my love of railroads comes right from these early days.

    I’d love to see GO Transit use this line to connect Peterborough to Toronto. Do you think that might be possible?

    • Adam Walker says:

      Hi William,

      I’ll bet it was nice to see those trains going by from Peterborough and Havelock. In the “good old days” there used to be a fair amount of service, both passenger and freight on this subdivision. Now there’s only three trains a week between Havelock and Toronto, with the need for those runs coming from the local traffic between Havelock and Nephton on a small subdivision in that region.

      GO has train service to Peterborough on their long term plans, but the rehabilitation of the tracks (along with relatively low passenger projections) are the current stumbling blocks. The Shining Waters Railway is looking to make a commuter service using rail diesel cars, which CP and VIA used to run on this route. There is money at the provincial and federal level to make this happen, with CP donating the right of way to the Shining Waters organization. But the wheels move very slowly and the expected launch of 2014/2015 may be closer to 2016 by the time it finally starts.

      Thanks for your comments!


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