Lindsay Model Train Show 2012

April approaches and that means one thing in the model train world: the Lindsay Model Train Show.  I visited last year and I had placed this year’s date in my calendar as soon as I saw the flyer for it last fall.

There were some different groups in attendance this year.  While its always nice to see the Pine Ridge, Miner Junction and others, I saw some new (to me) groups.  Triple Rail Modellers were there with their O scale layout.  It seemed to be transition era, with some old style diesel and steam power.



The Midland District Railroad Club was also there.  They had a large layout, very much in progress, but still in good shape to show off.  They don’t seem to have an official website, but here is a general page containing where they meet and a contact email address.





The Nottawasaga Model Railway Club was also there.  I overheard someone say that they are one of the only clubs to allow kids to operate on their layout.  Good on them!



They also had an intriguing component on their layout: a mirror.  It added a neat little angle to the “end” of the line.  This SOO caboose looks doubly good in the reflection (Aside from the crud on the mirror).


Those are the highlights of the show.  I picked up another locomotive, which will become part of the Walker Leasing Company engines that will run in New Falkenburg, the tentative name I’ve given my basement layout.  My wife came with me on this venture and we went out to Hobart’s for lunch.  Philly Steak with cajun chicken soup for me.  Beef dip sandwich and fries for her.  Yum!

On the way out of town, we stopped at the rail park.  They have made some improvements since last year!  Where once there were these poor souls…




There is now this!





Great work by the town and the volunteers to fix them up and give them a nice coat of paint.  The boarded up windows don’t look nearly as shabby now and it gives the park so much more life.  Hanging onto old equipment doesn’t have to mean decay, like the TEE Northlander equipment in North Bay.  Anyway, once I was finished shooting the stuff in the park, I got back to the car and we went home.  Another great trip to Lindsay!

As a special note, the Ontario government has announced that they are divesting themselves of the Ontario Northland Transportation Commission, which includes selling the Ontario Northland freight rail operation and shutting down the Northlander train service.  My own love of the Northlander aside, this is a tragedy and needs to be stopped before it is too late.  Ontario Northland provides transportation for students, workers and patients from the North to Southern Ontario in a comfortable, environmentally friendly fashion.  Replacing this service with “enhanced” bus service is not an option and will only serve to put further strain on already stretched northern highways. 

Please call and/or write to your MP and MPP and tell them that this is wrong.  There is a Facebook group for general information and a local MPP has issued a formal petition that needs to be signed and mailed to his office.  Out of province readers, any support you might lend would be appreciated as well.

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7 Responses to Lindsay Model Train Show 2012

  1. Eric Gagnon says:

    Adam, the only thing I like as much as going to train shows is reading about and seeing photos of train shows, and the OOS-SOO caboose. Thanks for sharing these, as well as the restored proto rolling stock you saw, and of course the food reference. Trains and eating go together!


  2. William Self says:

    Sadly I always miss out on these events simply because I am never aware to when or where they are happening. Looks like a great time was had by you and the wife in Lindsay. I used to frequently pass by that railway park several years ago and those trains were in a lot rougher shape back then. Nice to see them being maintained. Thanks for the great photos from Lindsay!

    I was hoping to me day see more of Northern Ontario via the Northlander. It would be really sad to see this service disappear.


    • Adam Walker says:

      Thanks for your comments, William! It’s nice to see the town and community taking the park seriously. As I noted, some towns are less inclined to do so and let their heritage rot.

      This is the site I use to keep up on the shows around Ontario:

      Some things are missing, like an upcoming flea market in Newcastle, but it’s generally on point.

      Sadly, the ridership on the Northlander hasn’t moved in a positive or negative direction for many years. Even if the province is convinced to hang on to the ONTC, they may cancel the Northlander anyway. I imagine it wouldn’t be for another twenty or thirty years before such a service might be re-established without provincial or federal support. Havelock lost their service in 1990 and may wait 25 years before getting it back. Then again, more people are travelling to cottage country and would be inclined to try a more conveniently timed service to Muskoka.


      • William Self says:

        Ahhh – thanks for the link! This will come in handy and I hope to get out to a few of these this year.

        Sadly, I think those traveling to cottage country are too attached to their cars. I’ve been pondering a family trip to Temagami via Ontario Northland, I guess I better act on that while I still can. Our trip on The Canadian last year really whet our appetites for rail travel.

        Speaking of The Canadian, I hear it will be gracing the new $10 popper bank notes! Now I’ll buy that for a dollar!

  3. Thank you all for your kind comments about the Lindsay show – useful feedback for next year planning. (April 6/7, 2013 – same place)
    Charles Cooper, Sec-Treas LDMR
    Adam, for another show calendar option, feel free to check

  4. …. and your compliments about the display at Memorial Park were also appreciated. The betterment of this display is in partnership with the municipality – our website has more info on that. Watch for the arrival of a steel CNR caboose to complete the diesel train this year. Charles again.

    • Adam Walker says:

      Thanks for your comments, Charles! I’m a big fan of the show and glad you came across my write up of it. I saw there was some info about a new caboose when I was there (Pt. St. Charles?), so it’ll be great to see it when I’m in the area either later this year or for next year’s show.


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