A Quick One – CP at Audley Road / 100 Posts


Having already done a retrospective only a month and a half ago, it seems far too self serving to spend another one to celebrate 100 posts.  So, here’s a tale of waiting for some CP action in north Ajax.

On February 26th, after leaving Kellino Street, I drove up Church Street with the hope of catching something at the level crossing for the Belleville subdivision.  I stood around for a while, hoping for something to show up.  The scanner is only useful when something is very close, so I was kind of just rolling the dice.  I left after about forty minutes and decided I might try somewhere else for a while.  The nearest vantage point and level crossing was at Audley Road, to the east of Salem Road.  I had trouble finding a place to park and, after one pass of the tracks, I noticed that the signal was open for an eastbound train.  I hurried to park somewhere and ended up just pulling over in the mud.  This was when I heard the detector go off to the west.  I ran across the street and up to the sidewalk by the crossing.  I was just in time!


CP 6019, an SD40, and 6250, an SD60 and the first of the SOO Line engines to be repainted into CP colours rolled by pulling an Expressway consist.



Unfortunately, it was not a full consist.



And that was that.  Once it passed, I took my perspective shots.  Here’s the western view.  Mile post 182 was directly beside the road.


Here’s the eastern view.


As a closing thought: maybe it’s just me, but it seems like the signals on CP subdivisions are spaced further apart than those on CN subdivisions.  Has anyone else noticed that?  Am I just used to the hustle bustle of the Kingston sub, as opposed to the seemingly laid back pace of the Belleville sub?

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5 Responses to A Quick One – CP at Audley Road / 100 Posts

  1. Eric Gagnon says:

    Hi Adam,
    Hard to believe CPR pensionsers’ financial future is riding on that Expressway consist. I remember seeing some Expressway cars being tested with CP’s dynamometer car in Smiths Falls (in the 90’s).

    I think the differences between CN and CPrights-of-way have to do with double track – more chances to change tracks therefore more signal aspects to display? You’re right, Mi 182 near me on the Kingston Sub can be a little busier than the CP version.

    Nice pastoral railfanning in the Kellino post.

    I hope you don’t get header-lack-of-attention-span like I have. It’s getting worse. Still enjoying your ONR 1806.


    • Adam Walker says:

      Hi Eric,
      It can’t be all bad for CP; I’ve seen full consists of cargo containers. That should count for something, right?

      The double tracking could be the reason, certainly. I guess I just wish they were more in sight from where I usually try and catch CP. As I learned from my visit to Kingston, the easiest way to know something is coming is to see a friendly green signal.

      The problem with the headers is that I get attached to certain photos and so I don’t want to change them. The 1806 is one of my favourites I’ve taken and is also the background picture on my work cell phone. So it may be there for a little while longer!


  2. William Self says:

    Nice to see the old livery still around on some of CP’s locomotives. I still haven’t been able to fully accept the new look for CP although I don’t mind the gold badge that they are using.

    • Adam Walker says:

      Hi William,
      I agree that it’s great to see the multi mark when it comes around. The new look is nice if you like plain colours, but it is very boring. I guess CP has always felt its needed to change its fundamental look, while CN hasn’t since the 60s.

      Thanks for your comment!


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