A Quick One – On The Run…

I had a feeling before I went into work on February 9th.  I had a feeling that the Canadian would be coming by that morning.  I don’t know how I knew, but I just felt it.  I took my camera bag with me and headed out just before 9am.  Unfortunately for me, I second guessed myself while I was walking towards the York Mills bridge and turned back.  Before I knew it, the Northlander (led by 1800, which I still don’t have a proper photo of) was slowly rolling into the siding, which gave me next to no time to get topside on the bridge.  I ran (which did not look very elegant, with my heavy coat and camera bag flying around me) and got there in time to just catch the Canadian as it came down the main.  It was led by un-rebuilt 6451…


and rebuilt 6419.  I caught this one before the rebuild at the head of the infamous “Silver Bullet” train back in April 2011.  The exhaust from the lead engine has added a certain smoky flavor to this shot.


I can’t not mention the MoW equipment in the background.  It’s sitting on the spur that used to run to the CP Leaside yard.  Aside from the little stub that still exists, the track has been pulled out for some time, so I’m not sure what they’re working on.  The rest of the spur has been replaced with a walking/bicycle path.  Anyway, perhaps they’ll be doing something on the mainline or on the siding in the next little while.  I took a few shots at ground level the day before with my phone.




With that, I turned around and went back to work.  It was a rushed time, but I’m glad I brought my camera!

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