Ganaraska Model Train Show 2012

With February comes the promise of a fresh season of model train shows.  As it is the first show I went to when my interest in trains was renewed (as I mentioned here), the Ganaraska show has become something of a staple for me.  Here are the highlights:

A pair of CP RDCs wait at Arlee station on the in-progress layout from the Soper Valley Model Rails group.


An AMT consist sits waiting for the word to move on the Ganaraska Railway Modellers layout.


This one is for my dad: a closer angle on the Beaver Lumber truck in the background.


A newcomer (to me), the Cobourg and District Model Rail had some nice models, a good mix of CN, CP and ONR, as well as some good looking bridges:



And finally, a larger scale model of VIA 6432, which featured the Kool Aid wrap.  The actual one can be seen here.


Once I was done with the show, I went to downtown Port Hope and had lunch at Jim’s Pizza.  A medium pepperoni, bacon and hot pepper pizza with a Sleeman Dark beer hit the spot.  When I was finished, I got back to my car and checked the scanner and the VIA schedule.  Unfortunately, there was nothing going on for VIA, CN or CP.  I got some good stuff when I was through in October, so I wasn’t too disappointed.  With a final pass of the VIA station and a nod to when I might return next February, I headed home.  A good day!

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2 Responses to Ganaraska Model Train Show 2012

  1. Eric Gagnon says:

    Nice post on what looks like a good show, Adam. Pizza and Sleeman? I call that a win-win! I like that HO Kool-aid unit. Here’s another photo of 6405-6411 at Kingston:

    In less than a month, I’ll be doing something for the first time…being a train show vendor. I’ve bought lots, but this will be the first time selling (or trying to). I’ll be selling copies of my VIA Rail book and other books and paper items from my collection at the Kingston Rail-O-Rama at the Ambassador Hotel Resort March 10 & 11.

    Thanks for sharing,

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