Whitby Return

In celebration of my one year anniversary, I headed out to Whitby for a few hours of glorious rail fanning.  I intended to go to my very first spot on Victoria Street, but due to Sunday service going on at the church, the parking lot was full and I didn’t want to fight with any of the parishioners.  So on the basis of a recommendation from someone on the CRO Facebook page, I went over to South Blair Street and hung out at the crossing there.  Here’s the view to the east…


And to the west.


This spot has a good perspective of both east and westbound trains on the Kingston and GO subdivisions.  It is at 304.29 on the Kingston sub…


And 9.6 on the GO subdivision.


Coming out today, I decided that part of my goal would be to only use my 50mm lens.  I’d like to further improve my photos, really try and get some “classic” photos this year (not that I didn’t luck into a few last year).  So everything I’ve shot is with the 50mm lens.  Thanks to the brightness of the day, I was able to stop down a fair amount to improve the look of the sky and catch some of the blue and the clouds and such.  On to my first encounter, which was GO cab car 233, leading a westbound train from Oshawa station and being pushed by GO 643.



The westbound signal was open when this train went past, so I knew something else was coming.  It was too early for anything from VIA, so I assumed it would be a freight and I was proven right when 2324, an ES44DC, rolled up pulling a mixed freight consist.



8832, an SD70M-2, provides DPU support.  I like how the 8832 on the rear of the locomotive looks like its been wiped off, while the rest remains filthy.


Just a few moments after the last car of the freight moved out of sight, the eastbound GO train, led by GO 623, rolled by.


I stood around for a little while, checking the VIA status page and saw that the next eastbound train would be due shortly.  Sure enough, VIA 6411, a rebuilt F40 pulling an all stainless steel consist, approached.



Once it passed, I went back to my car to warm up a little bit.  It was a chilly day and my hands were a bit cold.  I was wearing two pairs of gloves, but even that didn’t keep the chill away from my finger tips.  I kept an eye on the VIA website and headed back out around 12:45 to wait for the next eastbound train.  I had the scanner on at the same time and heard some chatter, but nothing too interesting.  At about ten to 1, I saw the lights to the west and VIA 908 approached.



An interesting mix of LRC coaches and a stainless baggage car on this one.  A few more GO trains went by after this, unremarkable consists.  It’s unfortunate that they’ve lost their lustre for me a little bit.  623, which had gone eastbound an hour before and now pushing westbound.


And 605, coming eastbound headed for Oshawa.  One of her headlights was out.


Seeing them so often makes them less special now.  To wrap up my day, I waited for the westbound VIA.  This was the one I had hung around for, as I saw it was running quite late out of Ottawa and I wanted to catch it.  It seemed appropriate to wait for it for some reason.  I don’t know the logic; I just felt like I had to.  I’m glad I did, for two reasons.  Here it is, approaching me and the level crossing, which is back and to the left of where I’m standing.


This Renaissance consist was led by 6449, which I saw in December leading the Canadian in the pocket south of Oriole.


It went through completely silently; no bell, no whistle, nothing.  It was the weirdest thing I’ve seen in a while.  There isn’t an anti-whistle bylaw in place here and all other trains went full sound past me when I was there.  Maybe the engineering didn’t realize he was hitting a crossing?  That seems doubtful.  Anyway, I’m not looking to get anyone in trouble here; just seemed odd.  Anyway, with this train passing, I had to leave and head to work.  This outing was good reflection of the year that has passed; in my first post, GO, VIA and CN.  In this post, GO, VIA and CN.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.

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3 Responses to Whitby Return

  1. Eric Gagnon says:

    Nice post Adam, among the GO, VIA and CN photos, my favourite (as a rolling stock guy) was the CGTX jet fuel tank car, which I’ve just included as my blog header photo on Trackside Treasure. Cropped slightly, with track extending to lower left corner of photo (no real reason, just seems to lead the eye for some reason).

    Thanks for sharing your anniversary railfanning.

  2. Eric Gagnon says:

    Oh, make that the GO cab car 233 photo.

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